Current point-of-care testing platforms suffer from significant drawbacks that hinder their effectiveness and usability. One of the major issues is that existing platforms, including some built using LFA (lateral flow assay) technologies, lack the capabilities to produce credible, quantitative, lab-quality results. This limitation raises doubts about the accuracy and reliability of the tests. Secondly, the reliance on manual handling and complex procedures introduces the potential for human errors, leading to inaccurate results. The reliance on large volumes of reagents and samples makes some platforms expensive, bulky, and impractical for installation at point-of-care locations, especially in resource-constrained settings where space and resources are limited. Furthermore, most current platforms only enable the execution of a single test on a sample at one time. These challenges and limitations underscore the urgent need for improved point-of-care testing solutions that are accurate, automated, cost-effective, multiplexed and easily deployable in diverse healthcare settings.


Convenient: A seamless and fully automated load-and-go testing process with no manual interventions or additional steps, requiring just a finger prick of capillary blood loaded directly on integrated cartridge for rapid results, making it exceptionally convenient for users.

Reliable: Credible clinical standard results across a wide array of multiplexed panels, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of its lab-quality quantitative outcomes. Excellent quantitative performance with good precision (5-15% CVs)

Affordable: Designed with cost-effectiveness and ROI in mind, utilizing minimal reagent volumes and automation to offer an affordable point-of-care testing solution.

Versatile: Microfluidics-based multiplexed system and integration of patented hydrogel technology, catering to a diverse range of medical testing needs, making it a versatile platform suitable for various clinical settings. In addition, our platform can perform an entire panel (3-10 assays) with only 30 uL of blood sample

Effortless: Our platform has no manual steps with no need for any trained technical operators. It just involves the addition of capillary blood directly into the integrated cartridge with no further steps.

All this is enabled by technology innovation across the following:

  • Mixing-based incubation
  • Control over sensor material chemistry
  • Large number of sensors per data point
  • Deep learning algorithms

Achira's compelling proposition is ideal for application at doctor clinics, small labs or other clinical settings that require high quality, rapid results


By leveraging our considerable expertise in the field of microfluidics, hydrogel chemistry, precision engineering and optics, our company’s unwavering focus lies in elevating the capabilities, versatility, and feature set of our core technology platform. Through continuous research and development efforts, we are consistently improving the effectiveness and scope of our platform, expanding the range of assays, sample types, detection methods, and readout modalities it supports. As we push forward, we embrace two critical types of partnerships that define our business model:

Technical partnerships
Through these collaborations we are looking to broaden assay categories and develop specific assays driven by clinical or market needs. By teaming up with like-minded partners, we aim to widen our product portfolio while enhancing platform’s capabilities further.

Commercial partnerships
With these partnerships, we facilitate the successful market launch of our developed products. By leveraging the strengths of our partners, we ensure wider distribution and market penetration.

Seeking alignment with partners who share our values, we actively pursue collaborations with those interested in porting their high-quality existing assays onto our POC platform. Additionally, we welcome partners who possess established commercial pathways on an international scale, allowing us to monetize our existing products through mutually beneficial commercial arrangements.