The point-of-care platform


Achira’s platform enables a microfluidics-based point-of-care (POC) platform, featuring a fluorescence-based reader (with a touch screen interface and display), integrated microfluidic cartridges equipped with our patented hydrogel technology and a sophisticated optics module that utilises optimized machine learning algorithms to produce highly accurate results . This microfluidics approach offers numerous advantages for medical test performance at the point-of-care. Through platform miniaturization, our hydrogel sensors utilize minimal reagent volumes, ensuring economies of scale and affordable testing. The sophisticated fluidics enable precisely controlled, rapid, and multiplexed immunoassays with only a small volume of blood or serum, thus elevating the performance and reliability of POC tests. Leveraging these diverse aspects of the platform, our technology produces products that deliver lab-quality results for doctors’ offices, laboratories, and field testing.

The fundamental test principle involves embedding reagent-bound hydrogel sensors within a microfluidic cartridge. These sensors interact with analytes from samples and fluorescently labeled secondary reagents. Assays are performed in an integrated format by loading the sample, hydrogel sensor and reagents into an integrated cartridge that is loaded into a reader that automates flow and incubation steps before sensitive fluorescence detection takes place during readout.



Achira operates out of an ISO 13485 compliant integrated 8000 sq.ft facility for product development and manufacturing. Achira has established supply chain pathways to fully manufacture readers and integrated cartridges on premises.

Our facility has completed several regulatory and compliance audits and we have received multiple licenses from CDSCO for various products.


Critical partnerships leverage our core technology platform

Assay Development

Achira’s objective here is to forge strategic collaborations with renowned global assay developers and owners, with the aim of seamlessly transferring their established tests onto our Point-of-Care (POC) platform. We are specifically seeking partners with a proven track record of developing high-quality, reliable assays in different formats. This synergistic partnership approach promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions and reinforce our commitment to advancing compelling clinical propositions at the point of care thereby delivering superior healthcare outcomes.


Achira is actively pursuing collaborations with well-established healthcare companies possessing strong market relationships to expedite the launch of our product portfolio. Our ideal partners should have proven track records with established sales and development pathways, showcasing their expertise in successfully introducing commercially viable products in their respective markets. We are open to exploring commercial partnerships both in India and globally, as we seek to leverage the collective strengths of our partners to bring innovative healthcare solutions to a broader audience. Through these strategic alliances, we aim to foster growth, amplify our market presence, and make a meaningful impact on healthcare worldwide.