About Us

Achira Labs is a immunodiagnostics company focussed on developing point-of-care diagnostics solutions for developing countries. Achira’s ACIX100 is a microfluidics platform which combines a plastic disposable cartridge containing dry reagents and a desktop reader instrument. ACIX100’s rapid turn around time, low costs and minimal infrastructure and manpower requirements make it very suitable for rural and semi-urban areas that are under-served by large centralised diagnostics labs. ACIX 100 has been clinically validated for 7 tests in thyroid and fertility, along with a large menu of tests including infectious diseases under development.

Achira leverages its expertise to provide technological services to customers in the medical devices sector. Achira’s expertise includes microfluidics research and development, design and prototyping, instrumentation, assay development and manufacturing. Achira is a 35 person company with a strong R&D focus. Achira has raised funds from Catamaran Ventures, Grand Challenges Canada and BIRAC (Govt. of India). Achira was founded in 2009 and is based in Bangalore, India.

Our Team

Dr. Dhananjaya Dendukuri

CEO & Co-Founder

Dhananjaya Dendukuri is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Achira Labs. Dhananjaya returned to India with his passion for engineering and belief that there is no better context for specific technology development that can be translated into solutions that have a big impact and unserved markets. He was named as one of 20 individuals to receive the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Technology Review’s prestigious TR35 awards in India for the work that was being done at Achira. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 2007 where his thesis work received the Senturia Prize for the best dissertation in the area of micro and nanotechnology. Prior to that, Dhananjaya obtained a MASC in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras where he received the ‘Institute Blue’. Outside of work, Dhananjaya enjoys running through the leafy parts of Bangalore and playing the Carnatic violin.

Dr. Purbasha Halder

Purbasha works on new reader development. She holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany. Her previous experience includes development and instrumentation of optical sensors. Before she joined Achira, she worked at GE for many years in instrumentation. She is an avid supporter of public transport and makes her long commutes to work, sustainable, by metro!

Raghavendra Katti

Katti leads accounts and brings with him 18 years of experience in accounts, statutory compliance and HR. He is currently in-charge of day-to-day operations at Achira and also involved with manufacturing operations. He holds a degree in management and worked in an export house for almost two decades before joining Achira. He is passionate about Kannada movies and sings old Kannada songs  to himself while working and nobody is watching!

Mithila Jha

Mithila leads product delivery and oversees product development at Achira. Her team is responsible for integrating technical platform parameters with functional requirements of user needs for product development. She designs and develops methodologies to evaluate the performance of tests. Her team verifies and validates products to meet the required standards before they are deployed at commercial sites.
In addition to this, she heads finance where she provides strategic guidance and assists in financial management.She holds a masters degree in economic development planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. Before joining Achira she was involved with operations, research and planning with a public transit agency in Bengaluru. She is passionate about public transport and believes that Achira’s point-of-care solution “to a small extent” has the potential to decongest cities!

Dr. Prajwal Bhat

Prajwal leads Technical Operations in Achira. He is responsible for quality, system integration and program management within Achira. Prajwal was previously a co-founder at Cerenode where he was responsible for product management and data analytics. Prajwal holds a PhD in Computational Biology from the University of London, UK, where he worked on algorithms for predicting gene function from large scale datasets. He is passionate about commercial applications of science and technology. He is also a keen cyclist and loves the outdoors.

Gokul Prasath R

Gokul is Biomedical Engineer from PSG and works on design and development of instruments. He was involved with running manufacturing operations and currently takes care of the delivery of ACIX100 series instrument at customer sites. He joined Achira five years ago and has deep knowledge of different aspects of the technology. His interests are in the areas of smart and connected devices and primary health monitoring. An avid fan of field hockey, he spends his time in playing hockey and running during the weekends

Dr. Bhavna Goyal

A Biochemist by background, earned Ph.D. in life sciences from ICGEB, New Delhi and post-doctorate from Department of Biological Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai. At Achira, she is working as lead scientist and is actively involved in developing new assays and product development. She enjoys physical workouts and music.


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