Achira’s flexible and phased approach will rapidly translate your ideas into robust commercial products ready for the market. We will fully engage with you to develop solutions for your toughest challenges across medical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, cell selection/isolation and next-generation pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our strong technical team comprising of PhDs, scientists and engineers from MIT, IITs and IISc has close to a decade’s experience in designing, developing and manufacturing lab-on-chip microfluidics platforms. We have helped some of the leading brands around the world such as Becton-Dickinson to develop world-class microfluidics systems

Our Expertise

Research & Development

Our scientific expertise and partnerships can help you find optimal technological solutions by leveraging cutting-edge microfluidics research from around the world. We can help you identify risks in the product development process and develop solutions to mitigate them. We can also work with you in usability studies and market surveys for your designs.

Design & Prototyping

Our rigorous design process adheres to Design for Manufacturing principles which ensures seamless translation of your idea into large scale manufacturing. Our engineers use advanced sofware tools such as COMSOL®, AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® to model and simulate microfluidics, giving you clarity for your decisions. Our toolbox of microfluidic interfaces, fluid control systems, image processing and electronics will accelerate the design and prototyping process. We will help you through selecting the ideal material, process and component tool-box to achieve your goals in the most robust and cost-efficient manner.


Achira has a 1000 sq.f clean-room, trained manufacturing personnel and knowledge of microfluidic manufacturing to help you fabricate your cartridges. We can manufacture volumes ranging from small lots to commercial manufacturing. We have a comprehensive framework to transfer the product and process to an ISO compliant manufacturing system.

Assay Development

We can develop custom assays using our expertise in biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, surface chemistry, optics and electronics. Achira has prior expertise in developing immunoassays, clinical chemistry assays, haematology and molecular assays. We have developed and clinically-validated diagnostic technologies for point-of-care testing. Our flagship, the ACIX 100 platform, uses a microfluidic device to perform rapid, multiplexed (multi-analyte) immunoassays with a small volume of blood or serum. ACIX100’s quantitative tests cover thyroid function, fertility and infectious diseases.


We have expertise with a wide range of detection methods including fluorescence-based methods, electrochemistry, reflectance and absorbance. We use advanced sofware tools such as OrCAD® and Eagle® for PCB design and verification (up to 4 layers). We have strong knowledge of 8/16/32 bit microcontrollers. We can interface embedded products with computer-on-board systems such as Raspberry Pi for Internet-of-Things applications. For embedded systems, we develop sofware on platforms such as Keil uVision® and Code Composer Studio®.

System Integration

Our expertise across microfluidics, biochemistry, surface chemistry, optics, electronics and sofware engineering enables us to identify and integrate complementary technologies. Our experienced inter- disciplinary project managers will ensure efficient management of timelines and deliver to the highest standards.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We can help you design new products or rapidly prototype your existing ideas. Our manufacturing expertise and knowledge of medical device standards ensures high levels of quality and reliability. Achira offers OEM capabilities for custom microfluidic cartridges and custom instrumentation. Achira’s manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Microfluidic device prototyping with a variety of materials such as PMMA, COC and PDMS
  • Metal master fabrication for embossing in Brass and Aluminium
  • Photolithography (SU8 patterning on Silicon wafer)
  • Bonding
  • Accurate characterization of micron-sized features with high tolerances
  • Integrating interfaces, connectors and reservoirs
  • Strict adherence to Design for Manufacturing principles for rapid and smooth scale-up for mass manufacturing

Our Customers

Becton Dickinson

IIT Delhi

BITS Pilani

Manipal University

Manipal Ankur

NITK – Surathkal

IIT Guwahati

IIT Madras

IIT Kharagpur

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