ACIX 100

Achira’s ACIX 100 is a microfluidics based point-of-care platform for immunodiagnostics. The ACIX 100 consists of a fluorescence-based reader and microfluidic cartridges specific to a diagnostic test. Currently, a menu of tests covering TSH, T3, T4, b-hCG, FSH, LH and Prolactin is available. New test categories such as infectious diseases are currently under development.

The ACIX 100 is designed for low resource environments such as developing countries where the centralized mega lab model is not practical due to limitations in logistics and overall infrastructure. The ACIX 100 is highly cost-effective even for low sample throughput.

High performance

ACIX 100 shows very good correlation with the gold standard Roche Cobas system.


Low sample volume

Channels, the size of a human hair, transport fluid to the sensors Рleading to  low requirement for sample and reagents. This makes ACIX especially suitable for point-of-care.

No additional handling

The ACIX 100 reader automates the assay steps. The ACIX 100 cartridge can contain all the reagents necessary for the assay. Waste reagents and sample are fully contained within the cartridge.

Multi-analyte assays

Our TrapArray technology allows for multiple micron sized polymer-based sensors to be localized on the chip. Each of the sensor can perform a different assay.

Cloud connected

ACIX 100 is connected to the cloud for easy and safe data management. Results are available to the user via a data management dashboard.

Minimal training

The fully automated workflow of ACIX ensures that even entry-level or novice technicians can handle it.

Platform technology

The ACIX 100 is designed to support a wide range of immuno-diagostic assays making it very suitable for novel biomarkers.