Chip Fabrication Service

We can help you fabricate your own microfluidic chips in PDMS, thermoplastic materials or make a silicon master with SU-8.

If your design file is ready, you can e-mail us immediately at or you may fill in our service enquiry form. If you have questions about our service offerings, please look at the FAQ.Our experienced chip designing team can help you through the design,  prototyping and fabrication of small lots of microfluidic chips for your specific application.

1) Concept and design– We help customers design their chip depending on the physics of their study. We also accept customer designs in .DWG or .DXF formats. We can also suggest suitable materials to be used for manufacturing the chips, keeping in mind future requirements along with feasibility of the project.

2) Prototyping– We can micro-machine 1-10 devices as per customer requirements to optimize the design. These are during the design finalization stage before going for larger requirements.

3) Small lots and Series production. We also cater to institutional and industrial requirements for 100 – 1000 chips and above.  Using our specialised knowledge of injection moulding microfluidic chips and the low cost base in India, we can provide competitive pricing for larger quantities of chips.

4) Packaging, QC and flow testing– All the chips are tested  for manufacturing errors if any and the flow test after lamination is conducted as per the flow rate requirements of the customer. Finally the chips are dispatched after careful packaging.  Surface modifications and other features can also be considered depending upon specific requests.

Some of our clients include: