Some of the salient features of the platform include –


  • Low sample volume of serum required (20µL)  : Micro fluidic technologies enable extremely low sample consumption. Channels, the size of a human hair, are used for transporting fluid making sample requirements very low. Achira has pioneered the development of plastic devices that have small dimensions, yet are cheap enough to be disposable
  • Highly sensitive with Quick turn around time (30 min) : A combination of highly sensitive fluorescence detection and our patent pending porous hydrogel technology allows for even sensitive assays to be completed much faster than central lab tests
  • Multiplexed assays : Our patent pending TrapArray platform allows for multiple micron sized polymer particles to be localized at different sections of our chips after bonding. Each of these particles can perform a different assay
  • All reagents loaded : No more pipetting errors or operator fatigue thanks to our custom built reagent modules that contain precisely loaded reagents and wash buff ers. Our automated reader takes care of dispensing and washing with no human intervention
  • Touch-screen interface for operator ease of use : An easy-to-use interface with a rugged touch screen that allows for repeated operator use and data entry
  • Portable and battery-operated : A lithium-ion battery allows for 3 hours of un-interrupted usage when the power goes off. Your patients don’t have to endure power cuts anymore
  • Thermal printer for quick prints and USB interface for transferring data to a computer : For quick results, use our thermal printer. If you want to creat a professional result sheet for long-term storage, use the USB cable and our custom application to print results in your desired format
  • Waste self-contained in cartridge : Finally, your waste is all contained in the chip. No extra pipette tips and tubes to be discarded. Just dispose of the small cover-slip sized chip
  • Future assays can be easily incorporated : We are constantly building out new assays on our platform. Once you’ve bought our reader, rest assured that you will have value for money as we develop more and more tests for point-of-care usage