Microfluidics product design

We provide microfabrication services for designing and prototyping micro-fluidic chips for specific applications to various academic and industrial research partners and customers.

Our list of our services includes:

  • - Microfluidic device prototyping with a variety of materials such as PMMA, COC and PDMS
  • - Metal master fabrication for embossing in Brass and Aluminum
  • - Photolithography (SU8 patterning on Silicon wafer) Bonding
  • - Accurate characterization of micron-sized features with high tolerances
  • - Integrating interfaces, connectors and reservoirs

Reach out to us

If you have an idea, please contact us. We can convert your idea into a design, get the design approval and go for developing the initial chips, help you out for pilot manufacturing and for mass production with inhouse available production facilities and if needed, with our expertise we can help you out in system integration.

Our Custom Solutions

We also do microfluidics product design & manufacturing services